Our Foundation

Do it Foundation is a nonprofit organization leading an effort to create awareness of the needs of people with physical disabilities, delivering a wheelchair to every child, teen and adult in Costa Rica who needs one, but cannot afford one . For those people, we give Hope, Mobility, and Freedom.

Since the opening of the PAPAGAYO DO IT CENTER hardware store in June 2002, John Scheman began with the idea of helping the entire population, John detected infrastructure needs in schools and health centers, as well as many people with mobility problems; with that in mind, he created the DO IT FOUNDATION in 2005 as part of the social responsibility program of the company and in partnership with FREE WHEELCHAIR MISSION of California. The Do it Foundation began collaborating with educational centers in the neighborhood and soon after, basic wheelchairs were brought in to be given as a mobility gift to all those who didn’t have the resources to buy one. Since then, the main focus of the DO IT FOUNDATION has been to provide free wheelchair to all those need them.

We searched for a low-cost wheelchairs so that more people could benefit. Originally the wheelchair was a metal frame with a plastic chair, but after ten years of intensive work in a design FREE WHEELCHAIR MISSION has improved the quality and the design of the wheelchair. The newest model now features a comfortable seat an foldable frame. Gradually we created alliances with other entities such CLINICA BIBLICA HOSPITAL, LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, LIONS CLUB, PUBLIC HOSPITALS , CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OFFICES and many others private institutions and volunteers who help us identify the beneficiaries.

As of 2016 we have distributed approximately 15.000 wheelchairs throughout the whole country and we hope to continue helping for many years to come. The wheelchairs are designed by FREE WHEELCHAIR MISISON in California, United States, and manufactured in China.