José Ramón Córdoba lives at Barrio La Carreta, a neighborhood located in Liberia, Guanacaste. He lives alone in a humble wooden house, accompanied by 12 cats. Despite his economic condition and physical limitations, José tries to take care of them.

In a campaign carried out by “Castraciones Liberia” to help sterilize his beloved companions, a volunteer of Do It Foundation saw the news and realized the need of José Ramón had for the change of a wheelchair.

Contact was made with the people who were helping in the campaign and the visit was coordinated to make the delivery of the wheelchair.

Upon arriving there was an 88 year old man sitting in a rocking chair waiting with great charisma and enthusiasm for his new tool of mobility.

José Ramón accompanied by several of his cats who care and love so much.

José gave everyone an important lesson, and is that despite the hardships he has gone through, such losing his leg because a bacterium, he maintains a great sense of humor, always bringing a smile to others and is an enthusiast of life.