Your generous gift will help to improve life to those individuals who need it, giving them the empowering tool of mobility, having independence, hope and dignity.

How you can make a donation:

Account Details (In Dollars)
Do It Fundation – cedula juridical 3-006-395564
Dollar Account Number # 75010210011401
Dollar IBAN ->CR50010700000000114011
Account Details (In Colones)
Do It Fundation – cedula juridical 3-006-395564
Colones Account Number # 75010210011400
Colones IBAN -> CR18010700000000114005

Instructions to donate money in banco BCT, S.A., from others countries:

Intermediary Bank:

Intermediary Bank:
Bank of America, Miami Branch 100 SE 2nd Street, Suite 3100 MIAMI, FL 33131-2150
ABA ROUTING: 026009593
Intermediary Bank Account Number: 19011-08821

Beneficiary Bank Information:

Beneficiary Bank Name: Banco BCT S.A.
Address: Central Street, AVS Central- 1st,
San Jose, Costa Rica

Final Credit:

Beneficiary/Recipient Name: DO IT FOUNDATION
IBAN CODE: CR50010700000000114011

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